Thursday, August 24, 2006

SPLC on Vision America

A SPLC intelligence report on Rick Scarborough and Vision America of Lufkin, Texas. It only takes a little reading to determine that Vision America's Rick Scarborough is a total self promoting East Texas clown. He is not Conservative he is Extremist.
His public relations and "image" department carefully pushes he and his friends to America as mainstream Christians. Jerrry, Jr. pays himself a few hundred thousand dollars and often asks members at his conferences to "fall to their knees" for ten to fifteen minutes to pray to the God he thinks he owns. Of course, he is sex obsessed like many of the fake pastors spreading the Gospel of Hate in America.

Scarborough is NOT mainstream Christian. Even the Baptist leadership in Texas thinks he is a total bufoon. Rev. Rick is a group of way out there holier than thou preachers and friends who forgot their Bible as they raced off to the Hate Rally to restrict the freedoms of Americans. Label these guys as what they are: fundamentalist, dominionists, Christian Nationalist, and advocates of a Christian based World government. Passive Agressive

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