Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hello, DNC? Dean?

Once upon at time I was a Republican. It's not easy being a Democrat either in the redneck belt South. Where the hell is the National DNC here pushing their Alabama Chapter and its' leader to do the right thing and certify this election. Mr. Dean, you lame ass leader could you please do something here?
Patricia Todd won because she was the best candidate. She won the damn election, confirm her!

ps: I am sure it just eats the fabric out of the rear end of Rick Scarborough to see a lesbian elected in Alabama - a placee where he spent so much time last year pushing to force the ten commandments into every school and public building on Earth.

Considering his racist blow buddy Roy Moore lost as well in Alabama - DOUBLE SLAM!

Victory Fund vows fight to uphold Todd's win -- Queer Lesbian Gay News -- "More than a month after the historic primary win that has Patricia Todd set to become Alabama's first openly gay legislator, her election has still not been certified -- and her supporters want the state Democratic Party to stop dragging its feet.
'Democracy means nothing if backroom deals can change the outcome of a fair election,' Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which backed Todd, said in a written statement. "

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