Monday, August 21, 2006

KKK Hate Ohio

They want you to be afraid of their organizations and fear that you are not safe from their members hiding behind white sheets or organizing militias in the woods, or planning hate rallies and a "christian" nation with no tolerance for your views or respect for your freedom. They are the KKK groups in Vidor and Cleveland, the New Black Panther Party, the Aryan Youth, the Homeschooled and Clueless Children of Religious Wackos, American Family Associations, Texas Republican Party Leadership, and even the former Pastors of Texas megachurches walking the halls of Congress or fighting to restrict stem cell research. They have a Vision for America at Vision America Mobilized of Lufkin, and sorry.....but you are not in it.

You are the wrong (fill in the blank) color, religion, gender, sexual orientation.

Why do these right wing Christian groups all share the exact same game book with the KKK people? (not all, but most of it!)

I think (my opinion) the KKK nationally is about to fall apart -- their fear isn't working. Some subsets of the KKK are now run by pimply faced idiots - little boy teenagers who have probalby never lived in a building with a foundation or running water. Groups like Vision America and the other Christian nationalist fundies will also fall apart because they share the same message of hate and many of the same positions (immigration, education, civil rights, marriage equality, prayer in school, ten commandments, abortion rights...and on and on...) I think I read that the little bigot who moved to Jasper after the Byrd murder moved from Ohio - possibly in a community near "Medina County" I must wonder? How great that the people of Jasper Texas have stood up to this idiot and said "sorry, no job. we don't need you here in East Texas" --

'KKK' spray-painted on Medina County home

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