Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Christian Leader. Bad Dad #2

Bad Dad of the Year Alan Chambers is joined by Randall Terry in Florida, running for the Senate. Seems like old Randall won't include his own son or his adopted daughter in campaign "family" photos. How tacky, but what should we expect from an abortion clinic terrorist disguised as a Christian Leader.

Sorry Jamail, but there is nothing good about your father really. He is a bad dad, a poor leader, and his family values need a reality check. Your dad also would have a problem with my dad - a physician involed in women's health care. Some of the Operation Rescue terrrorists probably are the same ones shooting holes in the windows of Planned Parenthood or picketing the national OB/GYN meeting informing physicians (namely gynecologists) that they are murderers.

It is time these idiot preachers stay out of medicine.

AP Wire 08/21/2006 In Senate race, family values campaign tested by real life

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