Thursday, August 03, 2006

Get Rich Quick Scam

Rick Scarborough overjoyed " I made it, I made it! Honey, I've just made the AU Top Ten List of Hateful Religious Bigots in America!"

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"Scarborough’s effort to spark a national debate over Christians’ plight in the public square appears to have fallen flat. His conference, however, rife with over-the-top performances from a string of Religious Right warriors, did draw a smattering of media attention.
Americans United representatives attended the meeting to report on Scarborough’s efforts to advance the Religious Right agenda. The speakers focused on slamming gays, Hollywood, the media, federal judges and the public schools.
The majority of those who came to the microphone also had books to peddle – all of them about those liberal forces supposedly mobilized against evangelical Christians. Many of the books’ titles reflected the tone of the March 27-28 conference, such as: Home Invasion: Protecting Your Family In a Culture That’s Gone Stark Raving Mad; The Criminalization of Christianity; Silent No More: Bringing moral clarity to America while freedom still rings; and Same Sex Marriage: Putting Every Household at Risk.
Not far beneath the vitriolic and bombastic rhetoric were Scarborough’s pleas to evangelical Christians to turn out in large numbers on Election Day for candidates beholden to the Religious Right’s agenda.
Scarborough urged attendees to disseminate among their communities a “Values Voters” Contract with Con­gress,” which detailed what the so-called “values voter” should look for in candidates.
The document, which Scarborough said was endorsed by several leading Religious Right figures, stated that office seekers should support organized prayer in public schools and other public places, a constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage, laws restricting reproductive rights and limits on the power of federal courts to hear constitutional cases.
A week before the conference, Scarborough sent an e-mail to his supporters boasting about his involvement in a meeting with congressional leaders. Scarborough claimed that after he distributed the values voters’ contract, one of the congressional leaders told him during a break that the document was “the most visionary thing” gleaned from the meeting.
Scarborough has a relatively small operation at present, but he aspires to a larger role in politics. His Lufkin, Texas-based organization took in only $823,000 in fiscal year 2004. Of that sum, $115, 800 went to pay Scarborough’s salary."
Thank You God for [HEROS]

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