Monday, August 21, 2006

Idiot Preachers Quoting Quacks

When I read the lies in Rev. Rick Scarborough's book Enough is Enough a few months ago I wanted to take the first plane to Lufkin and knock his teeth out. Some of the most offensive ridiculous things he has in his book are the work of the asshole in this article. Discredited and forced to move to Colorodo to work for a "Top Ten" Gospel of Hate Group Leader Dr. (of what?) Dobson. Quack Quack.

Last time I checked most gay people were not all that violent, but despite the fact that he played football at SHSU in Naconowhere, Texas I still feel confident that I could have kicked his ass. My first fight? Reminds me of the eighth grade where boys would go fight downt the street at the church.

I am much more creative than that. Question. Considering he is so certain that gay men like to eat "feces" as his book states - make me wonder......Is it legal to mail feces though the mail? Just wondering.

His office phone number is 866-522-5582 and I am sure that he might like to hear from you.

When ethical research doesn't work for you or your hate group - make up a great lie and spread it to all your little lambs in your shady little churches with no windows and too much big hair.

If you are a physician or a psychologist or an educated person in the medical field, I am sure you would stand with me to tell Rev. Rick Scarbourgh that this research is phony, false, or discredited. I am sure you might tell him that he should stop spreading lies and misinformation about gays and lesbians, enough with this absitenence only push which kills young people having sex, and stop pushing to limit stem cell research and laws to restrict or jail those who teach safe sex to our kids or put gynecologists in jail for offering women health care.

Your not a "doctor" Dr. Rev. Scaroborough. You are not being very Christian. Your Gospel of Hate will fail.

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