Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hate Rally = Hate Crime

It amazes me how thest fundie extremist don't seem to get it. Every time they do something stupid like hold a hate rally to deport illegals, or to take the freedoms away from others, something crazy happens.

It is usually kids who shoot the windows out of buildings, or rape and sodomize the young Latin kid who is the subject of this story. Maybe if you people might spend a little more time working on your own damn "family values" - - maybe your little homeschooled kids wouldnt be out beating up or murdering kids like this one, or Matthew Shepard, or James Byrd, or Paul Broussard, or any of the dozens of examples.

Why not shut up about your persecuted religion (it is some other form of wacky Christianity, nothing I believe in) and do something to stop the violence coming downt he pike every time you get out and say or do something stupid.

Stop your Gospel of Hate Rev. Rick Scarborough at Vision America. It is nasty, evil, and won't get you where you seem to think you're headed. We've had enough of you people and don't want to go to where you are going. Round up Tom Delay and George Bush and Janet Folgers and your cult groupie friend Rev. Moon and his blow buddie Jerrry Falwell.

Be gone with you now! Leave us alone.

East Texas Hate Crime :
Anti-Defamation League - Southwest Region

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