Saturday, August 05, 2006

More Texas Preacher Quacks

Maybe instead of parading around the Country spreading the Gospel of Hate and organizing email blasts to Congress, some of these right wing fundies in Texas should set up a Shelter or Christian Camp for Wayward Christians, Adulterers, Druggies, etc.

Jimmy Swaggard and John Paulk and Tom Delay could lead sessions on how to make that big come back after that big pubicized screw up. Spread those Christian Family Values guys - some of your own messengers don't seem to be "getting it"

Texas preacher fundie megachurch "buy my books" Bishop Terry Hornbuckle is good at pulling in dollars, but can't keep his pants on obviously. Druggie, adulterer, rapist?, or Christian Family man? (you decide!)

Star-Telegram 08/03/2006 Arlington minister described as having 2 sides

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